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Welcome all junior and senior high school teachers through out Nova Scotia. We have updated the website and courseware to be more interactive and engaging. If you are here for the first time please register below. All returning teachers if you want online training accounts for your students please login in to order your accounts. If you have forgotten your password from the previous year simply click on the link Forgot your Password and your password will be sent to you.

For Emergency First Aid certification there is a required 3.5 hours of classroom time with an SJA instructor for hands on skill training once the online portion of the LifeSmart program is complete. Please submit your desired class date & times in the field below. Please allow 2 -3 weeks for students to complete online portion before taking part in classroom session. All classes are required to be a minimum of 8 students for the LifeSmart program.

Please note, pin numbers and passwords for Online First Aid Training will not be issued until an In-class, Hands On date and time are confirmed by staff of St. John Ambulance.

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